Vape or Smoke?

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Most of my friends have stopped smoking due to vaping being available and prevalent in my city. There are several differences between smoking and vaping. However, I prefer to vape, and I feel much better since I stopped smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping. Since I live in Colorado, I’m able to vape not a just natural dry herb but cannabis also. I have found out that it has assisted me in several ways. People who live in licensed states should consider vaping their marijuana instead of smoking it. This is because vaping appears to be the best regardless of what you are smoking.





This is heating of marijuana minus burning with the heat discharging the active elements into a fog which is then discharged into the atmosphere in a fine vapor made by a vaporized machine. Smoke is formed because combustion does not occur. Vaporizer products are not of the same functionality and size. In my post today, I will focus on the movable flower and desktop vaporizers


Vaping and safety

Two survey studies conducted recently revealed that cannabis vapers believe it is good for better health benefits. They also believe it is less detrimental and safer to their wellbeing as compared to smoking. Additionally, marijuana vaporizers are intended for breathing with no damaging smoke toxins.

Although there is small research on marijuana vaporizing, studies have revealed that vaporizing generates less carcinogenic compounds than smoking marijuana. This is because it is not combusted but heated. Whole smoke from cannabis is not as toxic as cigarette smoke; breathing in of combustion product is somewhat undesirable. All smoke types have particulates and gases that can irritate the lungs and trigger respiratory issues. More than a hundred compounds and toxins are discharged when marijuana is burned.

Smokers are at risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections. However, cannabinoids do not cause this but the smoke. An early study discovered that there were less respiratory consequences with vaping, anchored in self-treatment of respiratory signs.


Advantages of marijuana vaporization


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Several medicinal patients have awkward respiratory organisms, and smoke may immensely aggravate their lungs. Therefore, they usually get respite in vapor breathing.

Others say vaporizers generate sober high since smoke is not breath in. However, there is ongoing research on whether smoking and vaping can create varying forms of high. A study had 18 subjects, every one of the subjects either vaped or smoked one of the three diverse THC strengths. Measuring of 9-THC in blood and carbon monoxide in expired air followed. Although expired carbon monoxide reduced when vaporization was utilized, the blood levels were not different.


Cons of Vaping

The cons reported are associated with the vaporizer setup, preparation of the marijuana, vaporization heat up waiting, as well as cleaning after every use. Besides a somewhat slow procedure, most desktop and moveable vaporizers are costly for the sporty consumers.


The temperature of vape is important

A study of 2009 on changeable heat and vaporizing revealed that less damaging by-products in vaping against smoking. It also explained that temperature is crucial. In this research, marijuana was vaporized at three different temperatures.

Many vaporizers heat up marijuana to a temperature under combustion, 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. We are aware that released compounds go high as you get to the boiling point. We are also cognizant that certain temperatures at which different compounds are out; from 220 to 428° F.

If it is medical use, the temperature needs to be based on the compounded you require, but the heat remains according to you wish it is for recreational use.


Marijuana vaporization study

Research on cannabis did not take place extensively since marijuana was not legalized in many countries. As marijuana acceptance and legalization keeps spreading in the United States and the globe, lots of scientific research is being carried out.